Our range of colours includes natural and synthetic colours.


Our range of flavours includes natural and synthetic flavours.


Our range of gums includes Xanthan and Guar gums


Our range of peppers includes white and black peppers.

Fruit & Vegetable Powders

We have an extensive range of natural fruit and vegetable powders.


We have a large range of sweeteners.

Spice Extracts

We provide a range of oleoresins for use in food processing

Dietary Fibre

Our range of inulin is extracted from chicory and artichoke.

Dehydrated Fruit & Vegetable

We have a range of dehydrated and freeze dried fruit and vegetable products.
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Earth Day - Save the planet!
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Baobab Powder – The New Superfruit!
The Baobab is the tree of life in Africa and has nutrient dense superfruit. more