We are proud to represent Gold Coast Ingredients in New Zealand. Gold Coast Ingredients is a family owned company based in California, USA. They have been perfecting their flavours for the last 30 years.

Their range is extensive and you’re only limited by your imagination. We are able to supply natural, organic, nature identical or synthetic powdered or liquid flavours. If you have a particular application in mind we are able to give you ideas of flavours and flavour combinations that would work best for your final product. Flavours which go into beverages are different to that which would go into a protein supplement. We are able to supply flavours that enhance your final product.

We have the advantage of smaller pack sizes starting at 5kg. We understand that natural flavours have a shorter shelf life and we want to ensure that you are using the freshest product possible in your formulations.

So please don’t hesitate to contact our flavours guru Ann at annwidana@hibiscus-solutions.com

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